The Tallahassee Discount Mattress store will change the way you buy a "good night's sleep" in Florida's Capital City. Florida State Seminoles and FAMU Rattlers sleep better on a quality new bed.

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Get your next mattress at an Online discount prices.... from a neighborhood store you can trust.

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   This will be the Tallahassee Discount Mattress store.... a new way to buy a 1st quality mattress set at a truly low price, in Leon County.

   Mattresses are the only thing we sell. We know how to find the best deals from quality mattress manufacturers, because we are mattress factory and bedding industry experts. We don't rent appliances or home entertainment centers. Tallahassee Discount Mattress will have beds from quality manufacturers that best serve your needs and your budget. We sell 1st quality mattress sets for less than the franchise/chain stores.

    Our prices are lower, because of the way we work. We do everything we can to keep our cost low. We don't pay rent on 18 fancy bed store locations across Leon County or have highly-paid "bedding consultants" working on commission. We don't hire "famous" spokesmen or cartoon sheep to be on TV. In fact, one single TV commercial can cost more than the low price you'll pay for your Queen-size mattress set. We obviously didn't spend a lot of money on this web site either. The chain stores advertise their "low prices", but who really pays for those ads? You'll find that our 1st quality mattress sets include all the mattress types and styles you are comparing, but a price that you can afford.

    No matter where you live, Tallahassee Discount Mattress delivers your new bed promptly, scheduled when it is convenient for you.
From Cairo and Thomasville to Quincy and Monticello, plus the FSU campus and at FAMU, the Tallahassee Discount Mattress store will have friendly delivery, when it is convenient for you. We'll be "on-time", remove your old bed and set-up of your new mattress set. We deliver when it is convenient for you.

    We'll announce our "opening day" and time, right here.
We are excited about the Tallahassee Discount Mattress store.

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    Are you a single-store mattress owner? Tallahassee Discount Mattress wants you to join our local owner/operator(s) store group.
We know the mattress industry and understand what it takes to operate a retail store. If you have dreamed of "some day" owning a mattress store, or growing into multiple locations, you need to talk to me. E-mail me. I'm Graham [at] City Discount Mattress-dot com. I'm looking for retail operators who understand how important customer relationships are. We do business in an exciting, and successful new way. Join our team and win.

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